August 30, 2011


I love my job.  Every day I have members (customers) asking questions around something they want to be able to do with a computer.  More times then not I can offer them solutions they have not considered.  Most times this results in a sale now, sometimes a sale later.  Always, it results in another conversation with the same member at a later time.

While keeping up with the latest hardware requires a bit of investigation, keeping up with accessories can be daunting.  I haunt the various new tech websites and magazines.  Still something new will slip by me in a disconcerting manner.  The Knowledge base builds upon itself in an interesting manner.  Knowing what something can do makes learning what something new will do a quick understanding.

One of those things that snuck by me is WiDi (or Wireless Display).  Most televisions can be hooked up to a computer.  The picture quality will depend upon the resolution of the graphic card there within. Given that you have adequate hardware, you can then have a super-sized monitor for your entertainment needs.

This requires a cable, tethering you to the TV, which can be annoying and problematic.  Enter WiDi!

With a box hooked up to your monitor and the capacity on your PC you only need to be in the same room to broadcast sans wire.  So you plop your laptop onto the coffee table and start the slide show!  or Hulu up lost episodes of "lost" or something.

You can even hook this up to a projector for a presentation.  It is just a cool idea.

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flyingvan said...

Could you leverage your research into a Tech Update monthly periodical for people in your position at other Costco's? Might be a good information share