September 03, 2011

Best laid plans, get screwed up...

My computers motherboard fried. I calculated over what to do and opted to get a replacement motherboard. Actually two generations higher then the previous, with some of the overheating issues resolved. Along with some nifty chipset updates.

I also decided to jump into Windows 7, so I ordered a new HD and got the upgrade.

Today was my first day off and I was very excited to get into my system. I had a few issues with the rear IO panel changes. I bought a metal nibbler and made some crude adjustments. Then I found the front IO panel interface cable was different as well. Argh! Who changes a CABLE interface?

So I got online with the motherboard folks and they directed me to the original manufacturers parts department. I need the Front IO board, The rear board and two cables. I got the part numbers and found the much needed cable was out of stock.

The representative did some digging and found a replacement part that will work (fingers cross). So I ordered up the parts and now I am waiting. Knowing in the back of my mind this whole thing might just blow up in my face.

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