September 29, 2011

Building a computer.

Lets say you want to make this metal box into a computer... Further you have all the other parts as well.

First thing is to set up everything and do a test build.  You start by putting the processor into the motherboard.

The insertion is minor thanks to the zero insertion force style socket.  First you open the mouse trap looking device, line up the slots on the processor with the socket and being careful not to touch the pins on the bottom or the metal on the top, you drop it into place.

The sound made while closing is not unlike fingernails on a chalk board.  It sounds like your destroying the pins and is very disconcerting.  Next you either apply some conductive paste and put the heat-sink fan into place.

It has four pins that push through and lock into place, you should make sure you plug in the fan to the appropriate place on the board.  This now becomes a nice handle for maneuvering your board.

Next up install the RAM.  Pretty easy and a little tricky.  This is one time you MUST consult your manual to find the placement.  This becomes simple if you have four matching sticks of RAM.

The packaging your board came in is perfect for a test build. I next installed the graphics card, hooked up my monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Finally run the various power supply cords to their various sockets.  In this case we have the main power the secondary power and Graphics card additional power.
Next you start the system up by gaping two little pins on the motherboard (RTFM).

If you have good components this is what you will see.

Now we know everything works.  Time to install the stuff.

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