June 09, 2013

Boycotting to censor.

The Albert Einstein Institution defines an economic boycott as, "The withdrawal or withholding of economic cooperation in the form of buying, selling, or handling of goods or services, often accompanied by efforts to induce others to do likewise. It may be practiced on local, regional, national, or international levels."

Rush Limbaugh, was the focus of a boycott after he outed Sandra Fluke as a slut.  To recap, she insisted that the government subsidise her birth control for sexual escapades.  Rush apologized, which incited more vitriol from the left.  Sandra Fluke did not accept the apology and neither did the mainstream media party.

Instead a boycott of Rush's advertisers and the stations he appeared on was organized.  This did cause some fiscal issues for Limbaugh, but nothing he couldn't weather.  Some of the stations were hit very hard, as the boycott wrongly targeted block advertisements.  Overall the boycott did not have the desired effect of shutting down his pulpit.  In fact the rebound that took place shows that businesses are more interested in number of people they can reach than ideology.  In fact one of the former advertising companies took quite a hit in sales.  Another company is reported to been denied advertising by Rush because of their participation in the boycott.

I think it was a tempest in a teapot, and a peek into the intolerance the progressives show to opinions that deviate from their ideological narrative.  I am just glad to see bullying failed.

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