June 10, 2013

To Recap.

Benghazi exposed that this administration will lie about the death of four Americans in order to get reelected.    The administration lied about it to the public, lied about it to Congress.

The IRS Tea Party scandal exposed that the regime openly, willingly, laughingly suppressed its opposition.  They denied tax-exempt status to organizations assembled by their political enemies.

The AP Fox News Department of Justice probe showed that the top Obama administration figures were willing to use the FBI to go after the press, especially the opposition press, Fox News.   This administration has named its enemies and has encouraged people to disregard it.

The NSA phone record monitoring.  This showed that Eric Holder, and Obama, ordered the data mining against Americans on a scale never even imagined before and without warrants from the FISA court.

We are being placated by the Administration saying: "Don't worry about it.  Standard operating procedure. Government does this and we should be glad the government does this."

David Petraeus comes to mind and the outing of his affair.  Somebody knew about it, and somebody outed him.  And it happened for political reasons. Meta-data?

Then we have the existence of secret e-mail accounts.  This shows that the administration has political appointees who are engaging in activity that is absent oversight.

Because secret e-mail accounts are not subject to Freedom of Information Act requests, and they prevent any official record of activity.

Even the worst Right-Wing paranoid fears could not have proven more wickedly accurate.  Will we survive this Administration?

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