April 06, 2014

Obsession of web stalkers

Normally, asking someone to go away works.

Asking many times, should get them to go about their lives.

Not always the case....

Obsession is a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea.

Like the idea that a person cares about your life, your opinions, your anything really.  The pathetic nature of the stalker comes with their inability to take any of the above hints. It is an inability to let go and progress forward with their own lives.  It is a broken person who needs our help and pity.

Sadly I have a pathetic wretch with an obsession that is non to healthy.  I imagine the lonely, hate filled, cynical life that said persons has become as part of the symptoms.

Yes, I tried dialog, reasoning, ignoring, asking them to go away, asking them to go on with their lives.  Yet, after a respite, that I hoped meant they had discovered something worth living for, they are back.  I only know this due to the instant delete filter I have on my e-mail.  I just know one was sent.

I suppose it could be an apology or an announcement that the stalking is over.  I hope it is, but I know it isn't.  Some people are beyond cure, save death.  At this point news of said stalkers demise would not even prompt a shrug.  I have so many worthwhile things in my focus.

So this little blog is one last futile attempt to prompt my web stalker to get help.  After I post this, I will go back to my pleasant existence.

I hope it takes, as I was advised it might.  I know it wont though.  Not that it matters, I have many worthwhile things to work upon.

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flyingvan said...

Oh...Umm..Geez. In hidsight it should have ben obvious I guess. First moved to Long Beach, then Oregon, then Canada. Further and further---I should have taken the hint