March 27, 2014

Obamacare Incompetence

This from Fox News: "Much emphasis has been placed on enrollment stats as [Obamacare]'s inaugural open enrollment period comes to an end. But there's a key function on the federal exchange that remains inactive:
"The mechanism to reconcile payments between the government and insurance companies.  This 'back-end mechanism' has been missing for the entirety of open enrollment period, which launched Oct.1, meaning insurance companies have had to manually bill the government for subsidies and cost-sharing plans, a procedure that's being dubbed an administrative nightmare."
 This is part of any website that sells anything. It would be like if you went to Amazon to buy something, and you clicked "submit" when your order was done, and you thought it went.
But that's where it stopped..
Insurance companies are threatening to pull out of Obamacare if this back end isn't fixed because they aren't being paid. 
They don't know how many people have signed up and they don't know how many have paid. They don't have any record of that at all. 
Sebelius said, Sabelius said: "We said seven million." Well, how many have signed up? "Well, the number's constantly in flux. It's impossible give you a number." 
Could this be the goal?  They want everybody getting so frustrated that, at some point, that they throw up their hands and just agree to "simplify" everything by putting everybody on Medicare, which has its own bureaucratic nightmare to deal with. 
There is a fix, if you get the right tech people involved. If you get an honest system based on a specific set of goals, you could fix this fairly quickly. 
It seems like the people of this country have the idea or the impression that government's better at running health care than doctors and hospitals and health professionals. That government's better at running the energy systems and programs of this country than the actual energy producers. Liberals have been great at convincing people that the private sector operators are a bunch of cheats and liars and fraudsters who are trying to kill their customers, and the government cares.  
But at some point everybody who interacts with government in some way has got to realize it doesn't work.

Thanks to Rush.

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