March 15, 2014

We love science until we don't love science.

Q and A with a liberal.

Do you believe in Man Made Global warming?

Do you believe GMO foods are dangerous?

Do you believe Aspartame is dangerous?

Chances are very good that you will get a firm Yes on all three questions.  When you delve further into Global Warming you will hear that science supports Global Warming.

When you site that science also supports GMO and Aspartame as being safe for consumption, you will hear that the science for that is flawed.

Recently there was a meme floating around that showed a pie chart with a large number of scientific papers about global warming with one that rejected it.  This was to show the consensus of science.  Without delving into how research science works, lets just say that Global Warming Skeptics do not believe that the climate is static and unchanging.  They do not believe that the world has not been getting warmer.  They doubt mans involvement has caused the change to the degree that others have postulated.

So saying that a paper that includes man as a cause for climate change but with very little significant, is a reason to believe in Man Made Global warming is hardly factual.  

GMO foods are proven safe.  They have been tested, the data released for peer review, some research has been condemned, some has been concurred.  Re-testing has yielded the same results.  

Aspartame has been tested for safety more than any other substance on the planet.  Other then allergic reactions to a very small percentage of the population, it is perfectly safe for consumption.

In my mind you cannot embrace and discount science because it embraces or discounts your beliefs.  You have to accept the methodology will rule out bad science as long as the scientific method is followed.

If a model, actor, politician is proclaiming science is on their side.  They are selling you something and it is not the truth.

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