March 24, 2014

Snowden, no place to hide.

Interesting thing happened when Twitter was destroyed by a countries leader... It didn't take...

Link that to the hacker attempt to shut down a few years back... It didn't take...

Add to that the dearth of crap and misinformation that is out there for rapid consumption.

Multiply that by the week needed to sort through said garbage and begin to find truth.

X-file fan note: The truth is out there... You just need to sort through it or find a resource that can.

Venezuela is having an uprising the US Media is actively not covering. Information is out there.

While our own government overreaches our privacy rights and searches without want or warrant, a very different battle is being won by the innovators who just need a box filled with copper and silicone to push back against the powers that be.

Without control of the message our corporate structure is starting to reel as more people realize there is less and less reason to trust government...

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