May 28, 2006

Apple Parody Ad (apologies to Joe)


keeka said...

This is pretty funny. I need to show Carl. He once came into my preschool directors office for our little meeting about Cole starting Kindergarten and she asked him about his job and whatnot and she asked about their computers and since they have Macs, he said, "well I wouldn't want to work on that", she said why and he basically told her that they are a pain to get into to fix. It was pretty humorous, because your apple guy sounds a lot like Carl talking about a mac. hee hee

Joe Williams said...

Pretty funny.

I have both a Mac and a PC on my desk. I use the Mac when I can, because it's more pleasant. I mostly use the PC for playing games, but I also use it for obscure software you can't find on a Mac (like Home Architect 3D) and for my business accounting.

Windows has gotten much better. I don't remember the last time Windows crashed on me. Amazing! It's also been years since my Mac has crashed, though, and I use it a lot more. (Both OSes have applications crash, the PC more than the Mac -- but I run a lot of crappy games on the PC.) And I shut the PC down pretty regularly because it makes too much noise, and I don't use it for days at a time. I never, ever shut my Mac down. My web server (and would go away.

PCs used to be laughable compared to Macintosh. DOS? Come on. Now they're comparable, though the Mac still has a mysterious pleasantness factor that gives it the edge. People _like_ their Mac.

Tina said...

I have a Mac 3G at work that I'm supposed to use to check email & such. I can NOT find an off switch. If it freezes up (which it does at start up quite often) the only way we can reboot is unplug it. I kind of broke the light that is on the front of the stack because I thought it might be a power button. I had to use a pencil to push it in (it pushed...) and then it snapped off. Whoops!

I'm thinking this is a bad thing... It also doesn't have any kind of self-maintenence loaded on it. Of course, I've only been in this classroom for this current school year...

And why do web pages (such as this one) look so weird? From the font to the backgrounds.