June 02, 2006

Batwoman a Gay Superhero?

It's hit the internet. DC comics is reviving a 50's character and the big news is she is a lesbian.

Now my main question is why? Would we get the same headlines if Batwoman was Asian? How about if she was a Rush Limbaugh fan? I'm sure DC comics broke the story to get sales. Controversy sells. It doesn't have sustained sales though. That takes a good writer and artist and a good concept to work with.

Maybe DC is trying to expand sales among the lesbian market? If they are going to go this route why not go all the way? Why fall into the olympian\supermodel figure with the long flowing tresses that have become the staple of comics?

Or maybe they are going to explore the sexuality angle. Some girl on girl action to cater to the pervert crowd out there? I am still not sure why this is such a big story out there. Personally, if a characters personality is based upon thier sexual preference, I just dont see the long term being anything other then cliche'.

Batwoman is a Lesbian... So what? What else is she?

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