June 26, 2006

Weight Loss

Technically its 'Mass Loss' right? I mean if I moved to the moon I would weight much less (0.166 Earth Standard). Anyways, I got married and gained weight, I attribute this to being happy. Unfortunately my 'happiness' has come with more wear and tear on the body and borderline diabetes.

During Collage I was in the best shape and weighed 185 lbs. For quite awhile after that I was around the 195 mark and then started going up. My personal 'best' was 281. Mostly I have hung comfortably around the 275 mark.

Well over a year ago, Tina starting pestering me to join her TOPs club and I said no. She said something about loosing the weight and if after a year I had'nt I would join. I did not agree to that either.

Well a year came and went and low and behold I was around the same weight. I thought about my options and came to the conclusions that I was tired of carrying the extra weight, so I joined and so far so good.

I have this mental image of myself and it must have been locked in back when I was around 190 cuz I continually am suprised by how I look in pictures.....

Anyway, I quickly found out that loosing mass isnt simply a matter of eating less and exercising more. I dropped quickly then stopped. I decided to look into what happened (I was very dissapointed I wasnt loosing) and figured out I was eating around 1500 calories a day.

I further found out that my body would adapt to the lack of food by slowing down. It's some stupid survival thing... If evolution existed wouldnt our bodies also speed up to burn any calories over what we eat?? Anyway.

I started looking up the daily calories needed to sustain a man of 200 lbs. I found out that like Republicans and Democrates, there is no agreement on this. I found listings that said 1800 calories a day to 3400 calories a day. I used the exact same criteria each time.

After going through about 15 websites I took the average and it was around 2100 calories a day. So I now eat 500 for B-fast and 500 for lunch with 1000 for dinner, leaving 100 slop room.

So far this has worked out okay. I have lost around 20 lbs. And the Tops club has been fun, I am the token mail person, and the first spouse to join our particular chapter.

Confession is supposed to be good for the soul.


ronnwaters said...

Far out!
How do you do lunches? That's the hardest--mainly because i'm too lazy to make my own lunch every (most) days.
I found a photo recently of me at swim meet when I was at flight school. I was down to 146# but still couldn't get rid of the damn love-handles!
Do you do much exercising? That's the other hard part.

Lee said...

Our local grocery outlet has .69 health food frozen dinner thingys. they are around 230 Cal.

I add a bar of somekind and those are around 140

I exercise by walking to and from work (just over two miles). I found I have a tough time exercising for exercize sake. I have to find something that I do, that turns out to be exercize.

For a long time it was roller hockey. but, that kind of fell apart.. :(

Now its walking or bike riding to and from work.

timmer said...

if evolution existed your body would store excess calories as fat. which it seems to do. if evolution existed your metabolism would slow down during periods of famine. save the fat cause you don't know how long it's gonna last. which it seems to do.

Lee said...

**Sigh** Don't you just hate it when someone doesnt get a humorous attempt and goes all serious on you?

I'll explain it to you later Timmer...

Tina said...

He's been doing this for 2 months now. Haven't I been great about not "informing" everyone of his success?

And for anyone who still doesn't know, I lost my 40 lbs to get to goal four years ago, and have kept it off due in very large part to the support I get thru my TOPS club. Which is why I suggested Lee join.

Only he's not interested in collecting the charms you get as rewards... Oh well.


Tina said...

I'm very proud of you, babe.

You're doing awesome.

I also really like the 'enforced date night' every Thursday after the meeting.


- Rob said...

"Enforced Date Night"

I like that concept. I need to steal that one from you.