May 01, 2006

CoH Sunday nights!

Every Sunday and Tuesday nite we have been meeting in Paragon City (Pinnacle Server) and playing a team of characters.

This continues to be a blast. Because of the company. We continually go into situations that would be nigh impossible versus the levels and number of bad guys and we kick some booty.

The nice thing about thinking in the group dynamic is you can build your character for the group. For instance, taking a travel power at lvl 14 isnt needed as someone with Travel power and recall friend can take on that duty.

I'm glad Joe has joined in, just need everyone else :) (need a controller)

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- Rob said...

Yeah, Sundays are big fun. I have played now with a few random groups that gather spontaneously. While that is fun, it does not compare to a group with organized tactics that can actually speak to each other. It definitely takes the game up a notch!