April 30, 2006


I'm a very happy guy. I love my wife and family, I like where I work, I love where I live. All in all It's a good place I'm in.


I guess that puts im in the 1/3 group from the above pew poll. There is a high number of happy people out there. After reading through your tempted to make a check box too see if you all the 'happy items' to bolster your happy attainment.

To me it doesnt work that way. You have to have a joyful personal outlook otherwise I believe you could heap all the 'happy factors' in the world on someone and it wont do squat.

Oh on one shocking note: "Lastly, we come to what may be the most controversial non-finding of all. It turns out that there is no significant happiness gap between dog owners and cat owners. Or between owners of pets of any kind and those who have no pets. We're at a loss to explain. We're just happy - no, make that very happy -- that neither Fido nor Felix can read."

I hope your day keeps you above that 15%

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Tina said...

How come they totally missed the happiness/sex thing? Maybe it didn't make any difference whether you "get some?" Or how often?

All the other polls usually include that one. Hmmm.

And I'm equally happy about the dog/cat thing. The animal probably gets as much attention either way. Now, on the clean-up factor, cats make me happier. They don't leave little piles in the backyard (they bury them at least), and I never had my cat shed anywhere near as much as Liberty does.