April 04, 2006


My job just changed substantially. I am support for telephone sales. People call in to buy a computer or other stuff. If they require a call back or somthing goes wrong with the order (before it ships) I'm the one who calls and or fixes the problem.

We used to be paid off the floors commission. Which means if our site did really well we got paid well. Likewise if the floor stunk it up we smelled as well. I really prefer this over system sales. One I can sleep at nights not worrying about my quota. Two, my vast knowledge of computers and accessories comes into play a lot more often.

Now that has changed, they decided to make my teams commission based on orders we actually make. To me this will change behaviors and make 'fixing' an existing order something that we do not do. After all why spend the time doing that when you need to make that next sale to pay your mortgage?

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