April 04, 2006

The Invincible Iron Man

Marvel Comics has been going through some changes. The Avengers broke up. Thor Vanished. Spider-Man Died (he got better). Etc. The New Avengers launched and Captian America and Iron Man all started out in brand new books. Cap has been winning awards for its storyline. Iron Man should be seeing similer accolades as well. Warren Ellis and Adi Granov have put together a visual tale that really has a unique take on Tony Stark (aka Iron Man).

Like any creation with over 40 years behind him. A lot of tales have been told. Noteably his loosing his fortune due to alcholohism. His being Time displaced by a young Stark et al. While I have always like the concept of a guy building a suit and fighting crime. The tales being told had gotten to the point of being same old, same old.

Along comes the New book and the six parter Extremis (trade paperback comming soon!). Tony has become disenchanted, his genius for invention has hit a wall. He has the Iron Man suite built to the Nth degree. He soon finds himself against a foe that gives him a sound trashing. With the bad guy enroute to Washington DC, Tonys body beaten batterd and broken along with his armor, he turns to a long time friend in the bio-tech field.

Needless to say issue 5 and 6 are well worthy of WOW and I cannot wait for issue 7 to see what the next story arc brings. Tony goes from a guy in a suit to a guy who is part suit, in some wild and logical ways. It's really the biggest upgrade ever.

Good read, pick up the trade, on the downside it took the first six issues a year and a quarter to come out. Hardly the Monthly title as promised. but the Art is Alex Ross level and the Storyline is BENDIS! level (anyone who knows his comics will understand).

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Tina said...

One of the many nice things about being married to you... all the comics I can read!

Today at school it's "hero day." We're all in Marvel t-shirts from our house - ha ha.