April 10, 2006

Global Warning

Turns out our efforts to clear the air have made for more global warming!!!

Further we need to do something about the sun!!!

Or do we? Turns out Global Warming ended with the 90's!

Love that media!


Tina said...

that's a great headline on the second article. lol


Joe Williams said...

Global warming has ended! Hooray! Of course, if you look at the data behind that article, you might reach different conclusions:


Sure, there was a spike in 1998, but I wouldn't say it's trending down since then.

It is true that soot reduces temperature, so a lot of pollution reduction doesn't reduce global warming. We can always reduce the temperature with a nuclear winter if we feel like it. (It also seems possible that soot from WWII had something to do with the temperature drop during that time?)