April 06, 2006

One day at work

I work in a cubical forest, for the better part of the day I am about two steps behind in what I need to be doing. On the occasional slow time people around tend to chat about Life the Universe and everything. Myself also being a person who likes talking about Life the universe and everything usually join in these discussions.

One slow period the discussion was centering about the downsides of having kids. One girl in particular was pontificating that she would never deen to have children. That they would get in her way of doing grandious stuff. Others, like myself, expressed that kids were indeed a grandious adventure. I appended that there is a right time for adventure and before having kids was optimal. (I did use smaller words).

The example of my wifes pre-marital trek across europe and some of my other friends incursions into the great wide open were well accepted. The original girl re-iterated again at length at how kids would be her ruination. At that point I piped in with:

"Ya know, I think its probably a good idea for you not to have kids"

To which she replied "Oh, why is that?"

"You would be a real lousy mom." At that she flashed some anger and stormmed off.

Why do women get upset when you agree with them???


shoo said...

Heh...the sooner people figure out its not about them, the happier they will be. Once I had my kids, I distinctly remember feeling that this was what life was all about.

Of course, I would make a lousy Mom too.

Lee said...

Somehow a vision of Shoo trying to Breast feed popped into my head. OUT DAMN YOU VISION!!!!

- Rob said...

There are definitely people that should not have kids. Anytime someone is in doubt about having kids I support them. They may come around later and they may not. Either way works for the best.

As for the lady at work, I don't understand. It certainly could not have been how the message was delivered. :)

Rocky said...

1) Ok, Who was it? I gotta know

2) Took me forever to realize that I really could have kids. Turns out I'm a wonderful mom. ;)