April 23, 2006

The New Avengers 18

A quick catch-up. Something comes down from space in Alaska and begins walking (very fast) across into canada. It looks like a human but with unspeakable power. The entity walks across Canada and in a matter of seconds obliterates Alpha Flight. When it heads into the US heading to Cleveland S.H.I.E.L.D issues a call out to the Avengers.

Iron man goes out to intercept and is able to stop the being and start a dialog. Just as Iron Man learns his name "Michael" Ms. Marvel\Warbird attacks (she was a called in reserve member and had not been filled in on the plan). She begins using her ability to drain off energy before she gets trounced. And finds herself charged up to the energy levels she was as 'Binary' a cosmic level space faring hero.

--spoilers follow--

Okay, This issue really brings together a lot of great elements starting with a ex-Shield agent being re-instated by request of Cap. America, to the first apearance of the Vision in this comic sense he was destroyed by The Scarlet Witch. a 50 story Michael is now facing down a solo Iron man in the streets of Cleveland. IM doesnt stand a chance the cover above shows his fate. Binary (Ms. Marvel) saves Iron Man and attacks only to be soundly thrashed.

Enter The Sentry. Now this is WHAT I have been waiting for, I have posted earlier about The Sentry and what a great character he is, we have yet to see him in Action. Now we have four panels full of him smacking Michael into space and then kicking butt.

Great action comic with a great twist of an ending that unfortunatly will only catch the less then average comic book reader off guard.

We also learn that Spider-man doesnt have a drivers license... Great Book!

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