April 19, 2006

Interesting news item

This is David Horowitz news website.

Please note the following: "One document which describes Iraqi contacts with bin Laden himself also shows that Iraq was in contact with Dr. Muhammad al-Massari, the head of the Committee for Defense of Legitimate Rights."

The CDLR is the Al-Qaeda propaganda organization in London.

Iraq + Bin Laden and Iraq + Al-Qaeda

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Joe Williams said...

There's a big difference between having contacts with somebody and having an operating relationship with them. There were a heck of a lot more contacts between the Soviets and Americans during the Cold War than between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Doesn't mean we were working together.

On the other hand, Rumsfield and the gang did have an operating relationship with Saddam -- albeit before the Gulf War.

The only people claiming that Iraq was involved in any way with 9/11 are actively trying to deceive the public. If you read Bush's statements on the matter, you'll note he's a master of _implying_ that Saddam was involved without actually saying it. In fact, sometimes he actually says it, but then catches himself and corrects it to something vague and meaningless.

I can understand why we went to war, though I disagreed with the reasons. The reasons given to the public were completely bogus, though. WMDs? It is to laugh.

Americans love to be the good guy, and a unilateral unprovoked invasion is a bad PR move.