April 10, 2006

Country Music

Those that know me know that my tastes in music are very broad. I find something to enjoy about pertty much any kind of music with two exceptions. Bartok and Disco. As such I'm a fan of Country music. And a fan of Toby Keith as of late. I got introduced into Country obliquely by my sis-in-law Nancy back in Junior High. She had a bunch of 45's and albums (music came on these prior to James Russels invention, the Compact Disc took over during the 80's) and gave me a portable battery operated turntable. Among these treasures was the Ozark Mountain DareDevils. Jenny C Riley, and assorted country and country rock artists.

I quickly found that my southern california peers did not share any enthusiasm for 'Country'. Fast forward to 1988. Garth Brooks had a TV special that was just great fun to watch. This was followed by a big boom in country music stations and some great music. Now that I'm living in Roseburg where the bulk of people listen to country and rock about equally its much easier to have small talk about the various artists.


Tina said...

Danceable & singable. Those are my qualifications for enjoyable music. A lot of music falls into those categories, so I would say I'm pretty easy.

I do distinguish though between stoned artists & clean artists. I'm not sure why it bothers me as much as it does, but most of the Beatles later stuff, Janis Joplin, and the rest of the psychedelic 60's are kind of off my radar for that reason.


Joe Williams said...

I detest most country music, but I like some music that I can't help suspecting is really country. Like Chris Isaak, or the Eagles. I'm not sure what it is about country that irritates me. Seems boring and amateurish, but that's a bit vague.