July 30, 2006


I have been in a very good mood, for about the last 20 years... (Well there was a period of time where I had severe depression and went to a shrink, it turns out job stress wasnt allowing me to sleep so for about four months I had less then two hours restful sleep a night. I got a suppliment and within a week all my depression symptoms vanished. I had not put two and two together, glad I had a good shrink!)

The other day Connor informed me that in the morning he wanted to go to the Bakery. I have no idea why he wanted to go there, but he did, as we needed another bread run I figured why not. So we went to the bakery and I was curious to see what he wanted. He was very interested in the hot dog buns, I explained we did not need any and he moved on to the cheeze nips (white chedder), then the originals, I held up the two boxes and had him pick one. he stuck with the white chedder (good choice). He proceeded to get a diet coke, which was fine cuz I was of a mind to have one anyways, and we could share.

Next stop was K-Mart, I needed to check on a few items for the yard work and in general I like to browse to keep a mental inventory of what they have. I have this tendency to file stuff like that away, then when something comes up it pops into my mind where to go and the approx, price.

At the store Connor walked around in a random pattern just looking at things, I really cannot explain the joyful curiosity he has and how great it is to observe. I commented to my daughter (who was along for the excursion) I just might be the happiest person in the world... or my world at least...

I really enjoy the town I am in, I find the people friendly and open, and very honest. I really enjoy being a dad. I have to have the coolest wife in the world, we 'get' each other, which is great and we are a great balance of personalities. We make a good team.

My house is great as well, very very comfortable and with enough land to be a challange without being overwhelming.

It's good ta be me!

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Tina said...

Love you, babe.