July 08, 2006

Meetings (a series)

I am trying recall a time when I did not know Shoo. It's difficult to pin-point. I do not remember him in kindergarten. By third grade I definitely knew him. So either first grade or more likely second grade that would be 1968.

Mostly scouting memories, Cub Scouts (his mom was Den leader) and later Webelos (His dad was pack leader). Lots of running around playing 'war' his rather large back yard, swimming in mine. Elementry and middle school band. in his back yard. That fish pond that was always empty. Chemistry set in the garage that they oddly never seemed to use for parking cars. Recalling that house I remember lots of dark green and plants.

He was one of the first people I ever met who's parents had divorced. I remember his brother John tagging along and Darren being the age of my neice and nephew. Boy Scouts, Jamboree, being nigh unstoppable in British Bulldog and Capture the flag. My eventual being ousted from the troop and his support at the time.

The tower fort his dad built, that nieghbor guy who either was from or headed to Alaska... Being invited over for Baked Alaska when too much was made. Getting invited to the neighborhood christain club. Shoo liked it for the Cookies.

Paper and dice games, Risk, Cosimic encounters, a host of oriental style home made AD&D characters.

Moving to Lake Forest... Even though he moved he still went to our high school for awhile, until I guess it was just too much of a pain to do. It couldnt have been more then a two or three year period where there was little interaction between us, seems a lot longer.

Computers dawned, Cal Tech and any excuse to get together for a Game. It was more for social interation then anything. But, we had enough fun that we kept going.

Now the Net is what keeps us connected. Nice to know that after 38 years we can still get together 'virtually' and have a laugh or three.


shoo said...

My first memories of Lee was in 1st grade: we were both in Mrs. Smiths class. We must have liked to talk to each other, because I seem to remember more than once being sent to opposite corners.

- Rob said...

Kind of funny to think of myself as the "new guy" because I didn't come along until 3rd grade. :-)

For all of your reputations as troublemakers amongst the parents though, you were a great peer group from my point of view (and as history has proven out).