July 28, 2006

Insane customer day

They changed things around at work. If a sales rep is logged out of the phone or on another line it now rolls over into a queue that my team answers. This seems to be working well for the most part. We get some follow up questions.

People calling in to order get to, instead of waiting for a call back. All in all its a win win. I am NOT happy with my teams focus being centered on making money, when it used to be on customer service... but thats a rant for another day.

We have some financing in house, which requires getting a credit check etc. Also, there are some very strict guidelines that sales reps need to follow when setting one up. Asking the person directly if this is thier information, verifying the billing address and getting verbal permission to run a credit check. Forget to do this two times and you are written up, one more time and you are marched out the door.

So anyway, a lady calls in wanting to know why her order was cancelled. When I check its flagged as possible fraud. During the discourse she reveals that she gave her name and her boyfriends SSN.

Lee>: The only way you can straighten this out is by you and your boyfriend contacting the finance department. Let me give you thier toll free number.

Lady>: So am I getting the computer?

Lee>: Not until the finance issue is sorted out.

Lady>: I told that sales man that it was my boyfriends social, he made the mistake, not me.

Lee>: ma'am, I wasnt privy to the conversation, regardless of what happened, the only way to fix this problem now is to get you to the finance department. Do you have a pencil and paper handy?

Lady>: I told him it was my boyfriends social and so HE made the mistake, I do not see why I have to fix it!

Lee>: I have no way of accessing your or your boyfriends financial records. Only the finance department can. They would not even give me the basic information becuse I am not the customer of record. If you have your boyfriend contact them, I'm quite sure we can get this all worked out.

Lady>: I do not see why you are making me fix this. Why should I call anybody?

Lee>: One reason, ma'am, is that this is YOUR financial records. As it is now, it can appear that you commited fraud. So it would be in your best interest...

Lady>: I did not commit fraud!

Lee>: I never said you did ma'am, I was answering you question as to why you should call in with your boyfriend.

Lady>: Your an asshole.

Lee>: I am only finding a solution for you, calling finance is the only way to get you a computer.

Lady>: I want to speak to your supervisor.

Lee>: I am not transferring you to a supervisor. They will only repeat the same thing I just said.

Lady>: You wont let me talk to a supervisor?

Lee>: No ma'am, even if I had one available it would be a waste of time, you need to talk to financial.

Lady>: I did'nt do anything.

Lee>: regardless, our records show that you submitted another persons information to run credit for you. That can have serious credit repercussions.

Lady>: It will have repercussions for YOU! I didnt do anything wrong, the sales rep did.

Lee>: Ma'am if you accidently shoot someone, and they are now dying. Do you send the gunshot victim to the hospital, or the gunman?

Lady>: This is your fault, not mine.

Lee>: I never said it was, unfortunatly you and your boyfriend are the only ones that can fix this problem, that Dell may have created. I apologize for that but its the only avenue available

Lady>: ...click...


Tina said...

The lady is committing fraud. Why else would the sales rep even HAVE the boyfriend's SSN? The only way he'd get it is if she gave it to him.

She was trying to get a higher line of credit, pure & simple.

Some people are just too stupid to own a computer.

ronnwaters said...

You're a good person.
It's hard dealing with people sometimes. But it's good they can call and vent rather than look for a clocktower.
I have a friend who gave me a grapefruit spoon (the kind with the saw tooth edge) when I started teaching teachers. Because, sometimes gouging your eyes out with a grapefruit spoon feels better...