July 28, 2008

Another orbit accomplished!

Yesterday was my birthday. We had a really nice day. I came up with the idea of each of my three suggesting something to do one on one. Trevor wanted to go to the movies, we saw Batman, luckily Trevor had done some yard work for cash the day before.

Connor wanted to go on a bikeride (he was VERY excited about this). Diana and Leonie came along. We drive to a school next to our big city park, went around the outskirts and crossed the river, then we had to go around the steam train engine that is displayed in the park. Past the sporting park, past the walmart-wetlands, by the skate park. Across the road for a soda and fries at Burger King, then back across the road and along the trail next to the I5 and the frisbee golf course, ending with a traverse of the steel bridge over the river.

Diana wanted to go Roller skating. Unfortunatly, my skates are at the shoe repair shop, so that will be later in the week.

My niece Crystal is back in the States visiting and was able to stop by and partake in Dinner at Red Robin (high class dining in Roseburg), then we forced her to watch Diana's episode of MADE.

Diana's friend from Germany, Leonie, and her parents are here in Roseburg to tour some of the sights. They presented me with a laser etched crystal of the Lueneburg town hall.

After all else was said and done we had a chocolate cake (Connor insistance) and a fresh picked Blueberry, home made pie, Tina lovingly made.

All in all it was a nice way to celebrate another Orbit.


flyingvan said...

Iota-Aa orbits Iota-A once every 47 years. Global overpopulation theorists claim the population will double every 47 years. You have now lived longer than George Orwell. Congratulations. Oh and Oscar Wilde, too.
Good to have you this side of the sod

keeka said...

Amen to that!
Hope you got my ecard! I thought it was rather humerous! And since it sounded as though you had a happy one, I guess there will be no "Or Else!" heehee

Crystal said...

Was great to celebrate with you! And I wasn't "forced" to watch Made enjoyed it enough to watch it a second time here at home! Love you guys!

Lee said...

I am glad to hear you enjoyed watching. 'Forced' was a tonge-in-cheek reference to the old Home Movie sceanario.

Which reminds me, I should post the waterfall vid.