July 30, 2008

Obama's media .vs. hearts and minds of American voters

Gallup tracking poll out of registered voters has Obama up by eight. If you look at likely voters, McCain is up by four, and McCain among likely voters has had a swing of ten points since last Friday. Of course this is WAY to Early in the election season. Still, its rather interesting.

A NYT writer Adam Nagourney wrote this piece on the campaign Why is Obama not improving in the polls?

This article got him tarred and feathered by Obama's press operations.

So Obama is behind where he wants to be. When he is in unscripted situations he falters badly. And his resume is very thin. The Democrats want this election bagged tagged and delivered and I am wondering if the DNC is questioning Obama's ability.


keeka said...

I have to say, as politically stunted as I am, I listen to some read a bit and talk to Carl when it comes to stuff like this. Even I notice that when Obama speaks there aren't that many listening, at least actively listening (my mind tends to wander when he starts rambling). When answering direct questions that he is expecting he does ok, but if it is unexpected and something that he is wishy washy on, I find myself yelling at the TV, "just answer the question!!!" Somehow that never seems to happen! Hmmmm.

- Rob said...

"When he is in unscripted situations he falters badly."

Isn't that one of the criticism's often made against President W? Just an observation - not sure what it means though.

Lee said...

Actually George W. is the opposite. He falters badly when he IS scripted.

Maybe its all his strategery.

flyingvan said...

When you dig through all the 'umm's and 'y'know's, and get down to actual meat and potatoes, (courtesy Dan Quayle) it's a pretty darned socialist agenda. I'm scared of the judicial appointments, mostly.