July 25, 2008

Getting fit, loosing fat

Turn your speakers off. Music is very annoying.

In an ongoing effort to loose weight and stay in shape I opted for 'bodyweight' exercises and walking the dog.

Above is a video with the three exercises I am attempting to do everyday. Long term I want to do a set of 50 of the pushups. 100 of the squats and hold the bridge for 60 seconds.

These really do kick your fanny and they are not terribly time consuming or cost a bunch of gym membership monies. The walking the dog is great for getting into shape. Our Dog has never looked fitter... I still have a ways to go...

This morning I had Red Cross Appointment to donate blood. (got my two gallon pin). They are across town and I figured I would walk there and Tina and I estimated 45 minute walk.

Well we were wrong. As I reached the bike path next to the river, a mental calculation prompted me to run the rest of the way, about three miles, and I was late by two minutes. This also meant that taking my pulse and blood pressure had to wait a bit as well.

the phlebotomist, was chatty as usual and asked if I had run in, I joked that running home would be easier because I would not have to carry the extra blood weight. I learned that I had just lost about 10% of my oxygen carrying vessals and running wouldnt be good. As it was the walk home was fine, I did start to feel a bit out of sorts while taking my shower.

I think I am going to take it easy for the next couple of hours.

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