July 16, 2010


Okay so far we have learned that the Human was designed to run across various terrain for long periods of time. Also, our brains have constructed devices to put over our feet that render the amazing running ability null to some humans. All in the name of comfort and safety.

So moving on to a leap that probably I should not make... How are people supposed to eat?

Hunter-gathering-farmers with a brain capable of innovations such as preserving food for later, is really damn versatile. It is easy to imagine gathering stuff to eat and running prey to death, using tools and traps to speed up the process. Learning what seeds are and how to use them.

You get the idea that our brain keeps working to take the hassle out of survival...

"Wow Thag, we just ran that elk to death and it took four hours! I wish it did not take so long and so far!"

"Hmmm, what if we run it into a canyon and throw rocks on it from above?"

"Good Idea Charlie!"

You would think that we would get hungry, eat until we are sated then move on to another project. But, that is not really what goes on. Instead we are eating at intervals that suit our surroundings. Plus, we have that food preparation (I do not mean microwave).

I guess it kind of kills off the instinctual. It does make it easier then going hungry for a few days then coming across a carcass...

So convenience, lack of hassle and subscribed intervals have dampened whatever other stuff we had programmed into our heads and allowed us time to make shelter, medicine, clothing, transportation, plumbing, cheese in a can, Air Conditioning and World of Warcraft.

Not a bad trade off in my mind. Although, there is that nagging oh look how awful we have become notion, that public school, no doubt, has brain washed into me. It has also allowed the creation of the Diet and Exercise industry.

And still we eat when we do not need too and way more then we should... I keep hoping I can re-develop that God given trigger that says: "STOP EATING"

Ah well... At least my brain is allowing me to count calories in the meantime...

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