July 27, 2010

Price Club

What a difference a week makes. At the beginning of July my hours went from a belt tightening 34 hours a week to a, do we eat or pay mortgage, 20 hours a week at the Library. Prospects for the library to even be functional next July is slim to none. So with 22% unemployment (U6 number). I have been hopefully applying to various jobs trying to land a part time or better.

The big news in town is that CostCo, after years of red tape, had finally gotten to the point of reality here in town. I applied and read that they got over 3000 applications for a scant 100 part time jobs. We went on vacation, which may have not been a fiscally good choice. Still the decompression did help and many prayers and intersession requests.

When we got back to town I re-applied and got an interview which became two interviews. That got me a call back for a third interview. Then came a job offer and acceptance. They kept talking about this being part time position. So I was planning on dual employment until such time as they would take me on full time.

Last Tuesday I had my orientation and found out I was full time! Which could have meant I had to turn in my two weeks notice. At the library I explained the situation and requested a waiver for the two weeks. They complied and Thursday I started full time at the new job.

The building opens to the public on August 12th and there is much to be done. Lots of product needs to be put out on display and even more construction needs doing. This is the literal hive of activity and my desk bound body is getting quite the workout.

Pallets are those wooden platforms that allow a forklift to gain access and move freight. They are referred to as "boards." Building a Board, means to take a shipment load open it up and unpack the product and stack it for identification and access. These boards are then situated in an area that makes sense to our shoppers (members). So you do not have baby diapers next to automotive tools. As we only have one grand opening we are very careful to make sure everything aligns up and the product is impeccably faced. While I am quite sure that the bulk of our members will not appreciate the aesthetics, some will and overall it gives a quality and care vibe of pride. The store is looking awesome!

So I am cutting shrink wrap, breaking shipping bands, carrying boards lifting, twisting, moving and learning the lingo. The first couple of nights I was really be sore and needed some liniment, massage and ibuprofen. My steel toe shoes gave me nasty blisters and bruises. Luckily the job sight was released from construction, and I was able to switch to my new balance.

Loosing the weight and being more physically fit has paid dividends. I find myself able to perform on par or better then my co-workers. I noted several times they would up their pace to match mine. My energy level has been complimented and those thanks I pass on up to the Lord.

Yesterday we unloaded 800 shopping cards and pushed them in sets of 10 (per the rules) to a location outside. For some reason moving large heavy things has always been a source of fun. I was easily the fastest at pushing and the leg pumping action was quite the workout.

The people are great. The management know all facets of the job at hand. Seeing upper management jump onto a forklift and handle it like a pro is inspiring. I have not seen any posturing or sniping. Everyone is on task and on mission.

It feels like I won the lottery, job wise.

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keeka said...

So glad it is still going well! I pray that the work ethic and ego-less atmosphere, continues!

Great way to celebrate your birthday too! Have a Happy one Lee!

Lot's of love from the fam down below.