July 15, 2010

Status per Employment

Now a catchup of sorts.

I spent a year unemployed. It sucked because I figured I would get a new job in a short period of time. When I realized it might take longer then expected and decided to go to school. I was unable to get the classes I wanted and then got a job at the library.

The Library seemed promising as several of the employees get moved up to the County tech department. Of course economic downturn happened and the c0unty downsized and outsourced and slashed budgets.

I got cut back to 34 hours a week. We tightened the budget and I kept my eye for any County Openings. As they decided not to replace person after person it was ever so much more obvious that County Government was not a career option.

So July this year I was slashed to 20 hours a week. Which means we get tol slowly spiral into financial ruin. Whee!

I had applied to various jobs all along the way. With the way things are now, 20% unemployment, any job gets tons of resumes and most HR departments do not even send out a response. I did land one interview and it looked promising, nothing ever came of it though...

We finally got a Costco coming to town. I put in an application and waited. They promised good jobs at good wages. With not much else in town, why not? It would be nice to work hourly again. It would be nice to work full time again. (nice in the paycheck sense).

The newspaper ran a story about the 100 jobs and 3000 applications. This was not encouraging, even after I got the call for interview. As per typically, I interview very well. I got through the first two rounds with charm, wit and confidence. Getting a call back for the third interview was very welcome indeed. By this time over 4200 applications and well over 2000 interviews had taken place.

From the cool hallway at the national guard outpost building I sat awaiting my turn. I was bemused by a passing train with thoughts of how annoying it would be to be stationed here. As my name was called I did the typical meaningful stride with firm handshake and introduction

Interviews are something I actually enjoy doing. Assuming the interviewee is not just reading from a script. You have about ten to fifteen minutes to show why your the best thing that will ever happen to that company. Steering the conversations towards your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses means you have to have an idea what your strengths are and an idea on how to spin your weaknesses. I have been accused of being a fast thinker, this serves me well.

Let me just say that I was offered and accepted the job. Success!

My interviewee was the assistant manager at Costco and I could tell he had put in his time. He did have a few scripted questions but they went to the side as he pursued his own. I figured my strong suit would be in selling electronics. At Costco this department is called Major Sales, it also includes jewelry (I found this out at the earlier interview). I had gone to several websites and familiarized myself with some basic cuts and settings as well as going to costco.com and perusing the catalog.

I felt very good about the rapport. Then I hit a bit of a snag. I usually carry all my application information on a clipboard. In this case I had left it at home. The interviewer asked me for a couple of reference phone numbers. He let me borrow his phone. Diana, my daughter picked up. Tina was out shopping and so I related what I needed and how to get it, Diana is quite savvy and in short order had the information and I jotted it down. The interviewer remarked "That was some excellent communication, precise and succinct."

What an excellent ending note!

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Tina said...

I'm still waiting on the employee discount info. Jewelry, huh?

Seriously tho, especially with me injured & dealing with the worker's comp stuff, it has been such a relief to know you'll be working (albeit 2 jobs for now).

I fully expect for the Costco folks to realize they are very lucky to have you working there. Hopefully that translates into advancement, more hours, and better bennies.

I'm just happy I get to use my sick leave for the rest of the summer :)