August 20, 2010

let’s suppose

let’s suppose you’re right – or, rather, let’s suppose that there’s a chance of your being right. Should we choke off economic growth in order to slow climate change by less than one degree?


flyingvan said...

Absolutely! Choking off economic growth was the point all along. I will never be as wealthy as Bill Gates so it's easier to tear down corporations than do something worthwhile myself. We tried by saying there was a coming ice age but then it got warmer. So we tried blaming industrialization for the hole in the ozone layer, but since we never didn't see a hole there, and it waxes and wanes, that didn't work. Then we tried acid rain until it turned out rain forests need a bit of lowered Ph to thrive.
We tried defending the mom n' pop stores from the megamarts but turns out people will gravitate towards lower prices, instead of paying more on principal.
No, that hasn't worked. So, we'll tell everybody the climate's warming, (especially in Summer) come up with how it actually makes winters colder, and get people worked into a tizzy. Acadamia's on our side so the only projects to get public funding will follow the MMGW mantra. If people read it in NatGeo, they'll ignore the evidence in front of their own faces.

keeka said...

My hair stylist is into the global warming thing and today when I got my hair cut, I mentioned how cool the summer has been and that now it is getting a bit warmer and what does she say? "And because of the global warming we are going to have a really COLD winter!"
So is there a global cooling too?