August 23, 2010

Political science of global warming.

If you begin with the belief that that wealthy countries became wealthy by exploiting poor ones, that state action does more good than harm, and that we could all afford to pay a bit more tax, you are likelier to accept a thesis which seems to demand government intervention, supranational technocracy and global wealth redistribution.

If, on the other hand, you begin from the proposition that individuals know better than governments, that collectivism was a demonstrable failure and that bureaucracies will always seek to expand their powers, you are likelier than not to believe that global warming is just the Liberals latest excuse for centralising power.

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flyingvan said...

Wrong. The latest excuse for centralising power is eggs. FDA is pushing to have more proactive, instead of reactive, power over food. HEY FED STAY OUTTA MY FOOD! Sorry to yell. If people want to eat runny eggs and risk salmonella, that's their business.

word verification is 'pupedlee'. Did you pupate? If so, what's your metamorphised form? Just curious. Probably none of my business.