September 19, 2010

Islam the US media protected religion...

Check out the following headlines in the British press about the arrest of six men who may have been planning to kill the Pope during his visit to England:

"Police question six street cleaners held over plot to attack the Pope" (Daily Mail) (2nd paragraph: "Armed officers detained the men, all believed to be Muslims of North African origin, as they prepared to go on shift at a cleaning depot in Central London.")

Yet in neither of two separate articles by the Associated Press (Nicole Winfield and David Stringer/Victor L. Simpson) do the writers mention a possible extremist Muslim/Islamic connection. The writers simply identified the suspects as "London street cleaners."

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flyingvan said...

Printed press is going the way of the buggy whip. They blame "The Internets", but if you're pandering to the liberal minority, you don't have a good business model anyway. Their relatively recent bias and left spin on everything helped get our President in office but is costing them big in the long run