September 21, 2010

Steven Hawking believes in spontaneous generation.

The laws governing our universe seem finely tuned to allow the existence of life. There are any number of constants that are set at just the value needed to allow life to exist.. If any of these constants were off by even a small amount, life would not be possible. It appears that our universe has been designed to allow for life, which implies the existence of an intelligent designer.

In apologetics, this argument is sometimes called the argument from design from cosmological constants.

Hawking proposes that ours is only one of a vast number of universes, all of which pop into existence out of nothing as spontaneous creations. What’s more, the laws of physics take on every possible permutation in these universes, so there are vast numbers of them out there where the cosmological constants are different.

In regards to God The Grand Design is long on assertion and short on argument.

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