April 12, 2011


It is very easy to justify the purchase of a bike.

Easier still, when it is used as the primary method of going to and from a paying job.

Even more so, when gas prices move upward at a wallet gutting pace.


shoo said...

You really should do some deeper analysis. Bikes are not free: they need to be maintained and they also use fuel, ie, the extra food you eat to burn those extra calories. It would be interesting to see a comparison of fuel costs and maintenance costs between the bike and car, and how long it takes to recoup the investment in the bike.

It also might take longer depending on the bike, for instance this one: http://www.freshnessmag.com/2009/02/28/aurumania-gold-bike-crystal/

Lee said...

You would have to leverage that against healthcare costs incurred of not riding .vs. riding.

As for the given:
My Truck gets around 13MPG.
My Bike is $300.00
Average Gas prices today in Oregon 3.78 per gallon.
Round trip in the truck is 10 miles.

So thats 0.8 gallons at $3.02 or .30 a mile. Using just these figures it would take 1000 miles or 100 work days to recoup.

Daniel said...

Your body is much much more efficient than any carnot heat engine (the most efficient gas engine possible-which has yet to be achieved by even half). Bike maintenance can also be learned by one's self, where as the complications of a mechanical car engine can sometimes exceed the knowledge of a regular individual.

You still in the process of looking?

Lee said...

Yup, I posted it to your FB.

flyingvan said...

There's also a savings to the infrastructure. The impact on roadways is far less to support a bicyclist than it is to support a large vehicle. Also biking to work should save your auto insurance (AAA offers a discount, at least)

Lee said...

do not forget impact upon the climate as well.

Tina said...

Also, since losing the weight, you're actually eating less than you used to when you were driving. So the food doesn't factor as much as you might think.