April 07, 2011

Work Friends

Tina pointed out how anti-social I am.

A group of people from my work head out to a local bar on to sing Karaoke. I got a hankering to go and after a couple of false starts we were able to attend. It was fun enough that we were able to go a second time and even stay much longer. (even though Tina has early work the next day.)

Tina commented on how this was the first time, since we moved up here, that I showed an interest in going out with people from work. I was pretty sure this was not true, in retrospect she is right.

I have to go back to Planet Photon (a place I worked) before I can find myself working with work people I liked hanging out with. Well, there are my skate guard jobs. However, I skated there socially prior to working.

So what is so non-compelling about my previous "work friends?" How has this changed?

I have a great group of friends that I have been in contact with, the social network of Facebook has given me the opportunity to re-connect with many others. Moving up to Oregon, did pluck me from my social circle, and I have never felt much of a need to re-establish one.


flyingvan said...

Hey---we were work friends! We used to confine low density gases in expandable orbs that reflected light in a variety of wavelengths. After going through a superficial trans-species modification process we would transport a group of these orbs to people when the planet reached its same point of orbit relative to the sidereal backdrop, along with a tonal grouping of words familiar to all present used for marking the occasion. (Granted, in my case lack of talent didn't seem to matter)

Lee said...

I would never categorize you as lacking in talent.

As for work friends... We were friends long before working together.