February 16, 2012

Pallet blocked.

This morning's merchandising job was to simply move the beds (mattresses) from one side of the building to another.

First order of business was to make room.  So several pallets of sporting goods got moved around, along with some booze pallets.  More still was wrapped up to head back to the depot for next year's winter seasonal items.  Got that done.  Next up was moving the beds.

Each of the mattresses are on two pallets, side by side, 48" by 80" and they have to be pulled in such a way that they are a 86" wide load.  To add to the difficulty, most of the ways are blocked with pallets of merchandise.   So I cleared a route along the back of the Deli cases and informed the co-worker in that area of my intent of using that as a thoroughfare for mattresses.

With my mighty pallet jack in tow I bridged the pallets and cranked them up, up, up till they were pull-able.  Then using my acquired knowledge of steering ungainly objects, I set off down the Deli express route!  Unfortunately, the very co-worker in whom I had confided, decided to drop a pallet of delicious delicateness in my path.  She was suitably chagrined and removed the obstacle.  With my course now clear, I was able to reach my destination for the first of several trips.  With my mighty pallet jack I hefted the next king-size and headed towards the vennel, only to find two pallets of goods.  My formerly chagrined co-worker had not noticed them being dropped off and quickly helped rectify the situation.  My trusty fork lift driver, Gina, removed the other impediment.  I explained to her my intentions of moving mattoks and she affirmed she would keep said alley clear.

The next trip was surprisingly free of clogging and I felt somewhat relieved.  Of course the laws of irony had a good guffaw at my next attempt.  I turned the corner just in time to see another driver, Nathan, driving off after dropping a load (pun intended).  He heeding my cry (girlish screaming anguish), with a quizzical stare.  After my exasperated explanation he took it upon himself to not only de-barrier the path, but with annoyed gusto.  Next he took the next two pallets with his conveyance to the far side.

This left one final pallet and all the drivers in the area aware of my plight.  I was fairly confident until I turned the corner to spy a pallet sitting dead middle of the means of access and Richard, the receiving driver just out of earshot.

I was not sure if I should laugh or cry...

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