February 11, 2012

Timey Wimey

Back in 1773, Samuel Madden wrote Memoirs of the Twentieth Century.  This details life in the late 1990's through legal documents handed to the author via "Guardian Angel".  It is, in its way the first backwards time travel story.

Time travel as a plot device, can easily be misused or amazingly effective.  The paradoxes and childish "what if" scenarios are very entertaining.  Why is this so?  I wonder if this plays to humans dislike of change? Or the idea that our choices may not have been good ones.

As I am REALLY happy with my current life, I would not opt at going back in time for fear of changing my current future.  Could better futures be out there?  by my way of thinking,  Not by much.  I also think that some of those 'bad choices' that we do not take could be very entertaining, if you could just skip some of the horrid outcomes.

Time travel is a romantic notion that allows us some mental creativeness and zero reality.

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