February 26, 2013

How to destroy decent healthcare.

I have heard it said that we need to pay more for teachers to entice the best and the brightest to educate our kids, teens, young adults etc...  Although, we have a crappy system for the money we spend. Like nearly everything, the Federal government cannot run things very well.

Now with Obama-care, we will have more expensive healthcare that is worse then ever before. Originally touted at the bargain price of 900billion we find that the GAO has the program running a much higher deficit 6.2 Trillion to be exact.

So out comes the media attacking the real(?) cost of healthcare...  The Doctors.   Yes, you see the doctors are in it for the money, when they should be doing it for humanitarian reasons...   Who the hell thinks this stuff up?  They have no clue.

Time magazine started the ball rolling with a huge article saying how screwed over we are, and it is correct in some parts.  Taking the free market out of health care raises the cost.  Obama-care cannot do much more then make things worse.  As if this 11 pager were not enough. Along comes SLATE  blaming those greedy doctors.

As if the best way to better healthcare is regulate doctors salaries...  

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