February 05, 2013

Obamacare is about revenue?

How much money does the Government need?  More then it has...

You see no matter how much money you send, they will spend more.  If your a president stuck with a Congress that tightens the purse strings, you could run a surplus.  If your a President who increases the size of Government with a willing Congress.  Then then you have a debit ceiling limit that should cost representatives their jobs if they vote to increase.

If your fiscally irresponsible you raise that limit on a whim, crank up the spending, and never speak about things like 'budgets' even if they are legally required.  After all the Government should not be bound by things like laws and the Constitution or Rights.  These outdated concepts just get in the way...

So word is out on Obamacare.  If your a family of five on the lower end of the pay scale and do not have insurance you will pony up $ 20,000.00 a year or face a tax of $ 2,400.00.

You get that?  20k or 2400.00 tax.  What does that tax get you?  Less money for you more for the Government.  Yup, it is just a garnishment of wages with nothing to show.

If your one of the 15 to 18 States that will have one of the exchanges set up, you may be able to purchase insurance at Government controlled prices ($ 20,000.00) sometime in October for Jan 1, 2014.  So far no State is ready, so be prepared for a bureaucratic mess of Biblical proportions.

You may be included in Medi-whatever, in which case, good luck finding a Doctor that will accept you.

What a mess.

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