February 07, 2013

Myths that people use to scare us. Overpopulation

Phase 1) ‘What could it hurt?’: China implements one-child policy
Phase 2) ‘How were we supposed to know?’: China runs out of workers

Attention West! Your turn is coming as even Slate has finally figured out. So those of you enthusiasts for birth control worried about “overpopulation” should really familiarize yourself with reality. The first reality is this:

The second reality is that, as you age and become an expensive burden to the rising generation, you will have abundant opportunity to think globally and act locally–or rather be acted upon locally–by becoming an unwilling recruit in the Human Extinction Movement, courtesy of government and health care bean counters who will be comfy with snuffing you when the cost/benefit analyses are not longer in favor of you being alive. I’m giving myself about a 50/50 chance of dying naturally. Odds are pretty good that if I live long enough to require elder care, somebody from the hospital staff going to slip something in my IV to make life easier on the hospital accounting department.

Thanks Mark Shea.

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