March 13, 2013

More Obamacare bad news!

Obamacare has become the daily bad news generator.   Clocking in at 2,700 pages, is this open-ended piece of legislation that allows the secretary of Health and Human Services and various bureaucracies to write the regulations on the fly.  It is no wonder nobody really knows all that's in this bill and what's coming our way.

To start with we now find that the government estimates are off by 100%. The Original estimation in 2010 put the new tax burden at $569 billion.  Now we have had a correction (?) to $1.058 trillion.  Which makes a couple of points.  Until the Fed starts using standard accounting practices, nothing money related will have any relationship to reality.  Second, estimates by the government are a tool to sell something much more expensive, in sales this is the bait and switch...

Another bit of bad news, our pets get hit with Obamacare increases as well, thanks to the 2.3 percent device tax.  

I like having nutritional information on my food.  It does allow me to make better choices.  However, some of the overreaching regulations now under Obamacare are going to cause havoc for the food biz, meaning we will be seeing higher costs.

So far we have the pre-existing conditions goodness also no more hoops for our older kids to be under insurance.  We also have more expensive coverage with less quality.

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