March 23, 2013

Killing business one year at a time.

I am currently looking for a job.  Finding a full time position being offered is rare, in this part of the country.  Part time jobs are all the rage.

Companies are trying to figure out what makes the most fiscal sense, when it comes to the Obamacare laws.

A Title I teaching assistant in the public school system mentioned that they've reclassified full time from 32 down to 30 hours. So what the school system has done is the whole entire support staff has been cut to 28 hours so they will not have to offer healthcare.  Which means they will have to go to the state exchange or pay the IRS.

We are now being told to expect a jump in rates, 20% to 100%!   This far exceeds what the CBO was given to score, back when the hard sell was going on.  It was all based in fantasy.  The reality is big cash or cut hours and jobs.  Our already sluggish economy is going to hit spike strips...

As a self-employed accountant and financial analyst, Swanson has paid for her insurance coverage on the individual market for about 13 years. She watched her monthly premium climb from around $136 in 2001 to more than $600 before she could find cheaper coverage. She's frustrated that the overhaul may add to her bill.

Then there is the state run exchanges as well.  I have no doubt these bureaucratic nightmares waiting to happen are going to be deified and vilified by we the people.  The real winners are the States who do nothing and let the Fed come in and run things.  The, so far inaccurate, Congressional Budget Office predicts a slow start overall, with only 7 million gaining coverage through the exchanges next year, rising to 24 million in 2016.

So the news is not good and getting worse.  There are those who claim this will collapse into a single payer federal system.  Lord help us all.

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