April 01, 2013

A recap of failed policy that keeps moving forward.

The CDC now reports there are 110,197,000 venereal infections in the U.S. So much for sex-education?  or maybe we just need to spend more money instead of looking at the program...

Fourth quarter GDP growth was 0.4% (historically this is barely growth).

The Dept. of Education reports 6.8 million fed student loans ($85 billion) are now in default.

The Society of Actuaries projects individual health claims cost will rise 32% under Obamacare.

The CBO says 7 million will lose their employer-based coverage (others say 3 -5 times that many) .

A third of U.S. doctors now plan to “retire” within the next decade. Gee, I wonder why.

At least the left can be satisfied on “important issues” like gay marriage...

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