April 20, 2013


Probably the best recap of this news item I found.

Sick gutless individuals who deserve Capital punishment, is my thoughts at this time.

Already we see the conspiracy's being thrown together.  We see the right glomming onto the background of the individuals.  We see the left wondering why and trying to see how the US is to blame.  The spinmeisters are second guessing those in the trenches.  The view from the top seems so clear, right?

Muslim extremist ideology is the label waiting to be applied.  Which, of course, is an indictment on a group for the actions of individuals.  The ideology is a tool used to fuel the action?  Tough argument to make when there are extreme ideologies that will neatly work as a variable in the same argument.

We have already had way too much editorializing, conclusion jumping and spin on this story.  One feels as though the Media is playing into the hands of those who would perpetrate these Cowards.

I rue what comes next.  The gorification and justification by media.  If only they would paint them as the cowardly losers they are.

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