April 17, 2013

Lies and Dishonesty. The Administrations policy?

There was a resounding victory for the Constitution of the United States and the Second Amendment today. There was also a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from the MSM.

President Obama, who invested heavily in limiting our rights, yet did nothing more then speak ad nauseum to the concern.  Someone may want to point out Lyndon Johnson's ability to pursue votes. To my mind Obama came of rather petulant.  I actually wonder if this was another in the long line of campaign style sympathy ploy to leverage voters against the GOP.  Not unlike the sequester ploy.

Here is the thing, only one of the amendments had the chance of stopping a Sandy Hook.  None of the legislation would have impeded a criminal from getting a gun.  NONE, zero, nil, nix, naught, nothing...

Rhetoric  over substance?  Loss of Freedoms for zero gain in safety?

You look at the sludge that is Washington DC and wonder what happened to America...

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