April 17, 2013

Liberals Victory over the American Family?

When you make “marriage” mean anything, you make it mean nothing.  And when marriage means nothing, the family means nothing.  And when the family means nothing, the state steps in to make it mean whatever arbitrary force and power wills it to mean.

Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage
At least its on honest appraisal?

Gay marriage: Giving up freedom for love
Homosex!  The source and summit of all that is noble, good, true, and beautiful!  We must praise its manifold glories!  All who doubt or question must be punished.

Legal Equality or Marriage Redefined?

When you make consent the sole criterion of the good and “Do your own thing” the highest conception of the good you are, like a goose running toward the farmer who calls “Dilly! Dilly!  Come and be killed!” playing into a timeless military strategy: “Divide and conquer.”

The big winner in the gay “marriage” struggle will be Caesar.  Because our Ruling Class never forgets that the dynamic is Our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us.

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