March 01, 2013

Your government at work

U.S. economy grew 0.1% in fourth quarter

Personal assets crash 22% under Obama

Obama Government Equal to Population in 1776

Obama's EPA Kills Texas Power Plant and 3900

HHS Adds $9.1 Billion in New Regs in Just 4 Days

State Department Delays Keystone Pipeline Decision

At this pace, the U.S. won’t get back to full employment until 2022

Latest Obamacare casualty: 100 workers at Smith & Nephew

Supermarkets cry foul as FDA proposes new food labeling rule under ObamaCare

Despite court ruling, EPA raises biofuel estimate

Obamacare red tape burden: 127,602,371 hours yearly

GAO Report: Obamacare Adds $6.2 Trillion to Long-Term Deficit

Study: $15.8 billion in possible new regulations for February

States Cutting Employee Hours to Avoid Obamacare Costs

New England fishermen protest federal regulations in letter to Congress

ObamaCare Forces Universal to Drop Insurance for Part-Timers

Price of Gallon of Gas Up 96% Under Obama

Bypassing Congress Forthcoming regulation likely means no new coal-fired power plants will be built in the United States

Worst recovery Ever

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