May 01, 2013

Here is the news.

I am not a fan of the 24 hour news networks.  Even less so over the last decade, where the need to share information has gone to the wayside for gaining market share.

In the USA we get Fox, CNN and MSNBC are our "big three" listed in the order of viewership.

Recently we had tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  If you wanted information the online sources provided this instantaneously.  Twitter feeds and social media had video pictures in unprecedented numbers.  Thanks to the HD camera in every phone people were able to identify loved ones and suspects, in some cases a bit to rabidly.

Where did the news agencies fit in?  Coverage for those interested in traditional media, could glom onto the next few days non-stop and not learn to terribly much.  Until the reporters started getting sourced information.

Cable TV is all about ratings.  You need people watching in order to sell advertising space.  Gathering more and more viewers is no longer an option, the market being saturated.  So you need to gain a core group of ratings that will bolster you during non-newsworthy events.  Fox started this by having an ideology when it comes to opinion shows.

The other two followed this example but more left of center, until MSNBC jumped off the cliff

News is evolving with less centralized control of information.  I can find more by checking hashtags as the trend then waiting for the networks, and the newspapers and magazines have dropped to the point of novelty.  NBC's Chuck Todd, commenting on meet the press let us know that Obama hates the uncontrolled media that we have.  No wonder, when you consider the way AP has become an arm of the White House.

Unless the Government seizes control of the Internet in a way that cannot be circumvented, the flow of information will continue.  My hope is that the dissemination  of that information will evolve as we connected types age.

Already, I lament the Trolling and Meme mentality we have seen.  Out from under the oppression of the controlled flow of information, we need to have discussion and debate, not winning for your choir.

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