May 12, 2013

What do we want from a president?

I keep reading how the right hates Obama.  More often it is equated to racism on the part of Conservatives, which, to me, confusing.  I have never come across a conservative who feel race is of any importance  rather words and deeds.  We tend to dislike Obama's policies, leadership, elitism and ideology.  On a personal level I am uncomfortable with the lavish lifestyle he has adopted.  

Going back through time I find there are quite a few decisions our leaders on both the right and left who I agree and disagree with.  President Obama is the first that I have difficulty pointing to something done that I applaud.

Which makes me wonder what is desired from a leader of the US? What do we want from a president?

Experience comes to mind.  Someone who has worked in the private sector and public in management or leadership.   CFO or CEO plus time as a Governor of a State are excellent on the resume for president.

Someone who stands on principle, and able to articulate that vision. Ignores the polls for decisions is an offshoot of that.

Able to negotiate. Understands where to compromise.

Thick skinned to critics.  Able to clearly state why an action was given,  so you can disagree but not dismantle said reason.

Sincere, trustworthy and ethical.

Which presidents are close to the ideals?  Reagan, Eisenhower, Truman are who comes to the top of my head with John Adams.

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